Best Time to Reboot Your Computer?

The best thing to do with your computing machine is that you should reboot your computer every now and then. But some people do not take this serious and thus never, ever do. We’re not saying you need to power down and reboot every single day (though it’s not a bad idea), but going through the the old turn-it-off-and-turn-it-back-on process at least once a week can actually solve a lot of problems.

Rebooting of your computer helps to  clears out background processes that might be slowing down your machine and allows you to start fresh. If you find your desktop or laptop is running sluggishly, try saving all your work, closing your tabs (this alone will make a world of difference), and shutting it down. You might be surprised by how much faster your computer will run.

This works a little differently on Macs and PCs. For Macs, restarting and shutting down/turning back on are effectively the same thing. On a Windows PC, the “fast startup” setting prevents some operations from completely turning off to save some time, so you should turn this off to ensure your machine fully powers down.

This might not fix all your problems, but if you’re experiencing some computer issues and want to start with an easy solution, well, this is probably as easy as it gets.

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